A unique feature about Egyptian cotton is that as it’s grown along the banks of the River Nile, it has considerably longer fibres due to its longer growing season in the adjoining areas. The benefit which this provides is that Egyptian cotton bedding sets are not only more luxurious but are also much stronger as they have a less tendency to shed lint as compared to other types of cotton. Potential buyers should also be aware that when they choose Egyptian cotton bedding, they should consider organic cotton not only because its free of pesticides but also because it doesn’t have any chemical treatment performed during the manufacturing process. Those who need a more durable sheet could consider a cotton-polyester blend however it should be understand that they would have to compromise on softness as compared to a 100% cotton bedding set. Stains on a polyester blend are also harder to remove. Flannel is yet another type of cotton blend which is made especially for the purpose of providing more warmth as compared to regular cotton. Although Egyptian cotton bedding sets are considerably more expensive than standard bedding, it’s important to understand that our collection of Egyptian cotton bedding is not only of its highest grade and inclusive of worldwide shipping but is also manufactured according to the leading industry standards. Another unique benefit of our collection is that the Egyptian cotton bedding are custom made and cannot be found in any other retail outlet.

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