The choice of embroidery bedding sets is certainly an important element which one would consider when making a purchase because as the name suggests those who require such bedding are most certainly interested in its design, theme and beauty. Potential buyers should be aware that they should consider the bed size as well prior to making a decision on a particular type of embroidery bedding set. Although this is applicable to all other bedding sets as well, the reason for which this should be highlighted here is because it’s much easier to fall in love with the beautiful designs of the embroidery without realizing that its not available for the particular bed size which we need. Our large collection of embroidery bedding consists of sheets suitable for all standard sizes including, twin, X Long twin, double, Queen and king. The easiest way to determine the appropriate size of the bedding set is by choosing one which offers a pocket depth of two inches more than the actual depth of the mattress; this is to ensure that there would be sufficient fabric left over in order to be tucked underneath. Although cotton bedding sets offer a soft and comfortable experience, it’s essential to understand that it also shrinks considerably more than other fabrics. The reason combed cotton fabric feels smoother than regular cotton is because the shorter fibers in it have been completed removed. As all our bedding sets are of the highest quality standards and are inclusive of free worldwide shipping, one doesn’t have to ascertain whether the overall price would increase as in other online retailers which charge a considerably large amount on shipping.

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