There are various types of Jacquard bedding which one could choose from in our collection and as the name signifies, Jacquard bedding basically refers to the elite and luxurious designs which one could find in bedding sets. However the difference between our Jacquard and luxury bedding sets is that our Jacquard collection is mainly focussed on bedding sets which are tailored towards a more romantic and contemporary theme. Our luxury bedding sets on the other hand are designed to depict a sense of richness and grandeur to the bedroom. One of the key factors which ensures that our Jacquard bedding sets also provides a luxury appearance is because its made using the finest silk or cotton materials and are explicitly designed to ensure that it would beauty the entire room. Another key difference of our Jacquard bedding is that in addition to its affordability it could be used in literally any sleeping space including the master room and the guest room. The intricate designs of each of our Jacquard bedding accessories such as the bed skirts, duvet covers, pillow cases etc are made of high quality woven fabric. An important aspect which needs to be considered is that Jacquard bedding is manufactured using a special type of loom known as Jacquard Loom, hence the name. The manufacturing process is also slightly different to that of other fabrics as it’s made by a raised pattern/design which is directly woven right into the fabric unlike other bedding’s which are embroidered or printed on the fabrics.

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