EBeddingsets is one of the only custom made bedding manufacturers in the nation which not only sells quality merchandise at affordable prices, but it also ensures that every single design is custom made to suit the ongoing needs of a potential customer. Although we do not have a large retail network at the moment, our huge collection of designer bedding and comforter sets would suffice to entice a potential visitor to fall in love with our designs at first sight. As our broad assortment of designs is made according to international standards one does not need to consider the size and shape of the bed prior to making the purchase as all goods are made to standard. The company was founded during September 2013, and we began operations of our online store in November 2014. Although our main stores is located in Dharga Town, Aluthgama Sri Lanka, we offer free shipping to any part of the world, as our operational costs are minimal and we could offer the best deal at the lowest price to our customers without compromising on quality.
As we specialize in the manufacture and retail of bedding accessories and supplies, we cover a wide range of product lines within the niche in order to satisfy customer requirements in the most effective manner. Some of the primary product lines which we deal with includes but is not restricted to, manufacturing bedding products like hotel series, children bedding sets, comforters, bedspreads, blankets etc. As Sri Lanka is well known for its quality textiles and fabrics, and many countries of the world are known to import our designer garments due to its quality workmanship and material. Every single fabric or other material which we purchase to make our bedding sets are made 100% in Sri Lanka, therefore signifying that we do not use any counterfeit products or brands in order to sell a particular item locally or abroad. A few of the main categories which we deal with are, kids bedding sets, sports bedding sets, minions, Disney etc. A common allegation which certain individual portray about EBeddingSets is that they assume that our fabric is of low quality because we provide free worldwide shipping. Another reason we are able to provide free worldwide shipping is because our overhead costs are considerably low and also we have the potential to provide a better quality product at a much affordable price than our customers. A major benefit which a potential customer could avail when choosing our store for purchasing bedding set is that they could receive our 24 hour customer service. All our employees are given an attractive remuneration package so that it would facilitate for us to expand our market to even more horizons and cities in future. Due to this, its highly recommended for any individual who is interested in purchasing bedding sets to start their search from our collection so that they would not only feel the difference but would also get a better and more precise idea about the most suitable, high quality set at the most affordable price.

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