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    There are several cartoon characters which are depicted in this range of bedding sets which are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the current generation and includes themes from Mickey mouse, Frozen, Hello Kitty, Snow White, Minions, Spiderman, Transformers etc. Its essential that one should pay attention to the blend of cotton which the particular bed spread is made from in addition to its design, this is yet another benefit which one could gain by choosing any cartoon bedding set from our collection as they would provide the best value for money. Potential customers should also be aware that when choosing any bedding set, especially cartoon bedding sets, they should pay attention to its thread count which is basically the density of the weaves in threads in a square inch. Sheets which have a higher number of threads are more expensive and are of better quality than those which have a lesser thread count. The reason for this is obvious, because sheets with a greater thread count require more material to be spun finely and thereby costs more manpower and resources. Superior quality bedding have a thread count of about 350, however the thread count of a typical sheet ranges between, 175-200. There are certain low quality sheets which have a thread count of 500 as they may have threads which are spun together prior to be woven, the quality of such material would actually be similar to a quality thread count of 250!